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Introduction to Conference and Social Media Reports

Awarding the Best Social Media Reporters

The SIGMM Records team has adopted a new strategy to encourage the publication of information, and thus increase the chances to reach the community, increase knowledge and foster interaction. It consists of awarding the best Social Media reporters for each SIGMM conference, being the award a free registration to one of the SIGMM conference within a period of one year. All SIGMM members are welcome to participate and contribute, and are candidates to receive the award.

The Social Media Editors will issue a new open Call for Reports (CfR) via the Social Media channels every time a new SIGMM conference takes place, so the community can remember or be aware of this initiative, as well as can refresh its requirements and criteria.

The CfR will encourage activity on Social Media channels, posting information and contents related to the SIGMM conferences, with the proper hashtags (see our Recommendations). The reporters will be encouraged to mainly use Twitter, but other channels and innovative forms or trends of dissemination will be very welcome!

The Social Media Editors will be the jury for deciding the best reports (i.e., collection of posts) on Social Media channels, and thus will not qualify for this award. The awarded reporters will be additionally asked to provide a post-summary of the conference. The number of awards for each SIGMM conference is indicated in the table below. The awarded reporter will get a free registration to one of the SIGMM conferences (of his/her choice) within a period of one year.

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Conference and Social Media Reports

Report on QoMEX 2019: QoE and User Experience in Times of Machine Learning, 5G and Immersive Technologies

The QoMEX 2019 was held from 5 to 7 June 2019 in Berlin, with Sebastian Möller (TU Berlin and DFKI) and Sebastian Egger-Lampl (AIT Vienna) as general chairs. The annual conference celebrated its 10th birthday in Berlin since the first edition in 2009 in San Diego. The latter focused on … Read more

Report from MMSYS 2019 – by Alia Sheikh

Alia Sheikh (@alteralias) is researching immersive and interactive content. At present she is interested in the narrative language of immersive environments and how stories can best be choreographed within them. Being part of an international academic research community and actually meeting said international research community are not exactly the same … Read more

Report from QoE-Management 2019

The 3rd International Workshop on Quality of Experience Management (QoE-Management 2019) was a successful full day event held on February 18, 2019 in Paris, France, where it was co-located with the 22nd Conference on Innovation in Clouds, Internet and Networks (ICIN). After the success of the previous QoE-Management workshops, the … Read more

Report from ACM MM 2018 – by Ana García del Molino

Seoul, what a beautiful place to host the premier conference on multimedia! Living in never-ending summer Singapore, I fell in love with the autumn colours of this city. The 26th edition of the ACM International Conference on Multimedia was held on October 22-26 of 2018 at the Lotte Hotel in … Read more

First Combined ACM SIGMM Strategic Workshop and Summer School in Stellenbosch, South Africa

The first combined ACM SIGMM Strategic Workshop and Summer School will be held in Stellenbosch, South Africa, in the beginning of July 2020. First ACM Multimedia Strategic Workshop The first Multimedia Strategic Workshop follows the successful series of workshops in areas such as information retrieval. The field of multimedia has … Read more

Report from ACM ICMR 2018 – by Cathal Gurrin

  Multimedia computing, indexing, and retrieval continue to be one of the most exciting and fastest-growing research areas in the field of multimedia technology. ACM ICMR is the premier international conference that brings together experts and practitioners in the field for an annual conference. The eighth ACM International Conference on … Read more

SISAP 2018: 11th International Conference on Similarity Search and Applications

The International Conference on Similarity Search and Applications (SISAP) is an annual forum for researchers and application developers in the area of similarity data management. It aims at the technological problems shared by numerous application domains, such as data mining, information retrieval, multimedia, computer vision, pattern recognition, computational biology, geography, … Read more

Interview with Dr. Magda Ek Zarki and Dr. De-Yu Chen: winners of the Best MMsys’18 Workshop paper award

The ACM Multimedia Systems conference (MMSys'18) was recently held in Amsterdam from 9-15 June 2018. The conferences brings together researchers in multimedia systems. Four workshops were co-located with MMSys, namely PV'18, NOSSDAV'18, MMVE'18, and NetGames'18. In this post we interview Magda El Zarki and De-Yu Chen, the authors of the best workshop paper entitled "Improving the Quality of 3D Immersive Interactive Cloud-Based Services Over Unreliable Network" that was presented at MMVE'18.

Report from ACM MMSYS 2018 – by Gwendal Simon

While I was attending the MMSys conference (last June in Amsterdam), I tweeted about my personal highlights of the conference, in the hope to share with those who did not have the opportunity to attend the conference. Fortunately, I have been chosen as “Best Social Media Reporter” of the conference, … Read more

Report from ACM Multimedia 2017 – by Benoit Huet

  Best #SIGMM Social Media Reporter Award! Me? Really?? This was my reaction after being informed by the SIGMM Social Media Editors that I was one of the two recipients following ACM Multimedia 2017! #ACMMM What a wonderful idea this is to encourage our community to communicate, both internally and … Read more

PhD thesis summaries

Title: A Three Layer System for Audio-visual Quality Assessment

The development of models for quality prediction of both audio and video signals is a fairly mature field. But, although several multimodal models have been proposed, the area of audiovisual quality prediction is still an emerging area. In fact, despite the reasonable performance obtained by combination and parametric metrics, currently … Read more

Title: Quality of experience characterization and provisioning in mobile cellular networks

  Traditionally, previous generations of mobile cellular networks have been designed with Quality of Service (QoS) criteria in mind, so that they manage to meet specific service requirements. Quality of Experience (QoE) has, however, recently emerged as a concept, disrupting the design of future network generations by giving clear emphasis … Read more

Title: Quality of Experience and Access Network Traffic Management of HTTP Adaptive Video Streaming

The thesis focuses on Quality of Experience (QoE) of HTTP adaptive video streaming (HAS) and traffic management in access networks to improve the QoE of HAS. First, the QoE impact of adaptation parameters and time on layer was investigated with subjective crowdsourcing studies. The results were used to compute a … Read more

Title: Objects for spatio-temporal activity recognition in videos

This thesis investigates the role of objects for the spatio-temporal recognition of activities in videos. We investigate what, when, and where specific activities occur in visual content by examining object representations, centered around the main question: what do objects tell about the extent of activities in visual space and time? … Read more

Title: An action recognition framework for uncontrolled video capture based on a spatio-temporal video graph

The task of automatic categorization and localization of human action in video sequences is valuable for a variety of applications such as detecting relevant activities in surveillance video, summarizing and indexing video sequences or organizing a digital video library according to the relevant actions. However it remains a challenging problem … Read more

Title: Deep image representations for instance search

We address the problem of visual instance search, which consists to retrieve all the images within an dataset that contain a particular visual example provided to the system. The traditional approach of processing the image content for this task relied on extracting local low-level information within images that was “manually … Read more

Title: Improving instance search performance in video collections

This thesis presents methods to improve instance search and enhance user performance while browsing unstructured video collections. Through the use of computer vision and information retrieval techniques, we propose novel solutions to analyse visual content and build a search algorithm to address the challenges of visual instance search, while considering … Read more

Title: An Investigation Into Machine Learning Solutions Involving Time Series Across Different Problem Domains

In this thesis we will examine architectures and models for machine learning in three problem domains each of which are based around the use of time series data in time series applications. We set out to examine whether the architecture and model solutions in different problem domains will converge when … Read more

Title: Behavioural biometric identification based on human computer interaction

As we become increasingly dependent on information systems, personal identification and profiling systems have received an increasing interest, either for reasons of personalisation or security. Biometric profiling is one means of identification which can be achieved by analysing something the user is or does (e.g., a fingerprint, signature, face, voice). … Read more

Title: Investigating multi-modal features for continuous affect recognition using visual sensing

Emotion plays an essential role in human cognition, perception and rational decisionmaking. In the information age, people spend more time then ever before interacting with computers, however current technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) have largely ignored the implicit information of a user’s emotional state leading … Read more

Journal TOC service


MMSJ Volume 24, Issue 4
July 2018
Xinyu Yang, Yizhuo Dong, Juan Li: Review of data features-based music emotion recognition methodsIlaria Bartolini, Marco Patella: A general framework for real-time analysis of massive multimedia streamsTaeyoung Choi, Seokhyun Ghan, Seongah Chin: Biological property-based artificial scar synthesis using inverse lightingAhmed I. Sallam, El-Sayed M. El-Rabaie, Osama S. Faragallah: Efficient HEVC sele

MMSJ Volume 24, Issue 3
June 2018
Árpád Huszák, Balázs Háló: Optimized camera handover scheme in free-viewpoint video streamingZongyi Xu, Qianni Zhang, Shiyang Cheng: Multilevel active registration for kinect human body scans: from low quality to high qualityMithilesh Kumar Jha, Ravi Chaudhary, Sumantra Dutta Roy, Mona Mathur…: Restricted affine motion compensation and estimation in video coding with particle filtering and

MMSJ Volume 23, Issue 5
October 2017
Britta Meixner: A pattern-based evaluation of download and cache management algorithms for annotated interactive non-linear videosJoão Nogueira, Lucas Guardalben, Bernardo Cardoso, Susana Sargento: Catch-up TV analytics: statistical characterization and consumption patterns identification on a production serviceAzin Semsar, Ali Asghar Nazari Shirehjini: Multimedia-supported virtual experiment for

MMSJ Volume 23, Issue 5

Britta Meixner: A pattern-based evaluation of download and cache management algorithms for annotated interactive non-linear videosJoão Nogueira, Lucas Guardalben, Bernardo Cardoso, Susana Sargento: Catch-up TV analytics: statistical characterization and consumption patterns identification on a production serviceAzin Semsar, Ali Asghar Nazari Shirehjini: Multimedia-supported virtual experiment for

MMSJ Volume 23, Issue 6

Shuqiang Jiang, Liangliang Cao, Jitao Sang, Jiebo Luo, Ramesh Jain: Guest editorial: mobile visual tagging with mobile contextWeiqing Min, Shuqiang Jiang, Shuhui Wang, Ruihan Xu, Yushan Cao…: A survey on context-aware mobile visual recognitionChaoyang Zhao, Jinqiao Wang, Jianqiang Li, Hanqing Lu: Automatic group activity annotation for mobile videosZhixin Li, Lingzhi Li, Kaobi Yan, Canlong Zhang


MTAP Volume 77, Issue 12
June 2018
Jin-feng Li, Hong-Xia Wang, Tao Wu, Xing-ming Sun…: Norm ratio-based audio watermarking scheme in DWT domainAmalia Luque, M. Estela Peralta, Juan Ramón Lama…: Low cost multimedia sensor networks for obtaining lighting mapsJoão Nogueira, Lucas Guardalben, Bernardo Cardoso…: Catch-up TV forecasting: enabling next-generation over-the-top multimedia TV servicesYuyun Ye, Xiaohai He, Qizhi Teng,

MTAP Volume 77, Issue 11
June 2018
Kevin Rangel-Espinoza, Eduardo Fragoso-Navarro…: Adaptive removable visible watermarking technique using dual watermarking for digital color imagesSuman Kumar Choudhury, Pankaj Kumar Sa…: Improved pedestrian detection using motion segmentation and silhouette orientationXiuhui Wang, Ke Yan: Automatic color correction for multi-projector display systemsAref Miri, Karim Faez: An image steganograp

MTAP Volume 77, Issue 10
May 2018
Zhiguo Hu, Qiqiang Zhang: A new approach for packet loss measurement of video streaming and its applicationChi-Man Pun, Cai-Ping Yan, Xiao-Chen Yuan: Robust image hashing using progressive feature selection for tampering detectionYoones A. Sekhavat, Jeffrey Parsons: The effect of tracking technique on the quality of user experience for augmented reality mobile navigationBalakrishnan Ramalingam, Dh

MTAP Volume 77, Issue 9
May 2018
: Editorial Note: Big Multimedia Data in Robotics ApplicationsShui-Hua Wang, Yin Zhang, Yu-Jie Li, Wen-Juan Jia…: Single slice based detection for Alzheimer’s disease via wavelet entropy and multilayer perceptron trained by biogeography-based optimizationChunjuan Bo, Huchuan Lu, Dong Wang: Spectral-spatial K-Nearest Neighbor approach for hyperspectral image classificationSongtao Wu, Shenghua Z

MTAP Volume 77, Issue 1

Amani Chaker, Mounir Kaaniche, Amel Benazza-Benyahia…: Efficient transform-based texture image retrieval techniques under quantization effectsAlvise Memo, Pietro Zanuttigh: Head-mounted gesture controlled interface for human-computer interactionNiloofar Ravanbakhsh, Mahboubeh Nazari: An efficient improvement remote user mutual authentication and session key agreement scheme for E-health care sys


IJMIR Volume 7, Issue 2
June 2018
Yanming Guo, Yu Liu, Theodoros Georgiou…: A review of semantic segmentation using deep neural networksMarkus Schedl, Hamed Zamani, Ching-Wei Chen…: Current challenges and visions in music recommender systems researchMatthias Dorfer, Jan Schlüter, Andreu Vall…: End-to-end cross-modality retrieval with CCA projections and pairwise ranking lossSrinivasa Perumal Ramalingam…: Robustness of DR-

IJMIR Volume 6, Issue 3
September 2017
Michael S. Lew: ACM International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval (ICMR): current standing and impactYassmina Saadna, Ali Behloul: An overview of traffic sign detection and classification methodsParul Sahare, Sanjay B. Dhok: Script identification algorithms: a surveyMaia Zaharieva, Christian Breiteneder…: Unsupervised group feature selection for media classificationZied Guendil, Zied Lachiri,

IJMIR Volume 6, Issue 2
June 2017
Sanghoon Lee, Mohamed Masoud, Janani Balaji…: A survey of tag-based information retrievalAmandeep Kaur, Renu Dhir…: A survey on camera-captured scene text detection and extraction: towards Gurmukhi scriptD. Sejal, T. Ganeshsingh, K. R. Venugopal…: ACSIR: ANOVA Cosine Similarity Image Recommendation in vertical searchNastaran Borjian: Query-by-example music information retrieval by score-base

IJMIR Volume 6, Issue 1
March 2017
George Awad, Wessel Kraaij, Paul Over…: Instance search retrospective with focus on TRECVIDRashad Ahmed, Wasfi G. Al-Khatib…: A Survey on handwritten documents word spottingSusanne Boll, Winston Hsu, Jiebo Luo: Editorial for the ICMR 2016 special issueNikolaos Pappas, Miriam Redi, Mercan Topkara…: Multilingual visual sentiment concept clustering and analysisMarkus Schedl: Investigating count

IJMIR Volume 5, Issue 4
November 2016
Erwin M. Bakker: Major events in multimedia information retrievalMaaike H. T. de Boer, Klamer Schutte…: Blind late fusion in multimedia event retrievalM. Radhika Mani, D. M. Potukuchi…: A novel approach for shape-based object recognition with curvelet transformZineb Elgarrai, Othmane El Meslouhi…: Robust facial expression recognition system based on hidden Markov modelsAhmad Alzu’bi, Abbes

MMTC R-Letter

MMTC R-Letter Volume 7, Issue 4
August 2016
Message from the Review Board DirectorsIEEE ICME 2016 Bester Paper AwardsGuest Editorial Introduction by Cha Zhang (IEEE ICME’16 General Co-Chair)IEEE ICME’16 Best Paper: Phonetic Posteriorgrams for Many-to-One Voice Conversion without Parallel Data TrainingA short review for “Phonetic Posteriorgrams for Many-to-One Voice Conversion without Parallel Data Training” (Edited by Christian Timm

MMTC R-Letter Volume 7, Issue 3
June 2016
Message from the Review Board DirectorsAddressing All Senses QoE Optimized Multi-Sensorial Media StreamingA short review for “Beyond Multimedia Adaptation: Quality of Experience-Aware Multi-Sensorial Media Delivery (Edited by Frank Hartung)Evaluating Impact of Panoramic Projections of 360-degree Videos on Coding EfficiencyA short review for “A Framework to Evaluate Omnidirectional Video Coding

MMTC R-Letter Volume 7, Issue 2
April 2016
Message from the Review Board DirectorsIntegrating Deep Learning and Multiple Instance LearningA short review for “Deep Multiple Instance Learning for Image Classification and Auto-Annotation” (Edited by Jun Zhou)Learning for HTTP-Based Adaptive StreamingA short review for “Optimizing HTTP-Based Adaptive Streaming in Vehicular Environment Using Markov Decision Process” (Edited by Koichi Ad

MMTC R-Letter Volume 7, Issue 1
February 2016
Message from the Review Board DirectorsGeneral Multi-Modal Learning Framework for RGB-D Object RecognitionA short review for “Large-Margin Multi-Modal Deep Learning for RGB-D Object Recognition” (Edited by Carl James Debono)Energy-efficient multimedia transmission in wireless heterogeneous networksA short review for “Energy-efficient multimedia transmissions through base station cooperation

MMTC R-Letter Volume 6, Issue 5
October 2015
Message from the Review Board DirectorsVideo Playback Time Maximization for SmartphonesA short review for “EQ-Video: Energy and Quota-Aware Video Playback Time Maximization for Smartphones” (Edited by Koichi Adachi)How to share GPU amongst multiple jobs in cloud-based multimedia services?A short review for “VIGRIS: Virtualized GPU Resource Isolation and Scheduling in Cloud Gaming” (Edite

IEEE Multimedia

IEEE MultiMedia Volume 21, Issue 2
April–June 2014
Feature ArticlesFabien Danieau, Julien Fleureau, Philippe Guillotel, Nicolas Mollet, Marc Christie, and Anatole Lecuyer: Toward Haptic Cinematography: Enhancing Movie Experiences with Camera-Based Haptic EffectsMei-Chen Yeh and Wen-Po Wu: Clustering Faces in Movies Using an Automatically Constructed Social NetworkTao Guan, Yunfeng He, Liya Duan, Jianzhong Yang, Juan Gao, and Junqing Yu: Efficient